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Derby County Show 2017

Derby Show is back!  After last years disasterous weather conditions which forced the cancellation of the show we are pleased to announce it is back on with a new venue.  The Show was held in Locko Park near Sponden which is only a couple of miles from the previous venue.

locko IMG_3612 IMG_3610 IMG_3609

A truly magnificent setting for our show, Locko Park turned out to be an ideal venue with our own marquee the scene was set for some really good exhibits and the exhibitors did not disappoint.

Tony Tabbinor won the best vase of Pinks and also the Best Stem with Anders Dora Bryant

IMG_3611 IMG_3613 IMG_3618 IMG_3633 IMG_3630 IMG_3632 IMG_3637 IMG_3620


Mrs Marie-Jane Roberts won the Lindabruce Cup




Anders Irene Croft


Mike Graves also

won one of the Championship Classes



A very nice 12 stems of Anders Patricia Griffiths


Phil Cross won the Supreme Championship and also won the vase of 12blooms with a vase of Mystic Haleys Delight, right.



Phil Cross also won the Best Border Carnation Bloom with his Mystic Ray Knight.



Barrie Gamble won Best P/F Bloom with a nice Anders Tiny Tim.


Keith introduced a new seedling and took advantage of the registration forms to name it Beamish Light.