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Floral Art

Welcome to the Floral Art section of the BNCS

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A few fine examples by Joy Hayward to view while preparing more images

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Flower arranging November 2011

Container    3" plant dish

Mechanics   Scissors, floral foam and tape, bunch of BBQ kebab sticks painted black I have used 14 pearl headed pins

Ingredients   A bunch of spray carnations, 10 (Approx) heads of Agastache in seed or any grass heads, foliage includes conifer and green Choisya, (any pointed foliage plus oval-round leaf will do.)

Method   Arrange conifer around base but with stems pointing upwards.  Fill the rest with Choisya, cut to 2-3in.  The tops of two stems of sprays cut to 6in and placed in the centre.  The rest to about 4in and fill in all around.  5 stems of Agastache oe grass heads place around the centre but lower than the top flowers.  The kebab sticks placed in three rounds.  Three near the centre the rest lower down.  Decorative pins placed in flower heads if liked.

Flower Arranging  October   Halloween 2011


CONTAINER  A Pumpkin, Gourd or a round 'goldfish type bowl'

MECHANICS  Scissors, floral foam and tape, dish or plate for standing pumpkin on, 'ting a ling' painted black.  (the curly black sticks)

INGREDIENTS  A mixed bunch of flowers, to include at least six carnations in red-orange and yellow, three dark red roses foliage includes chiosya, privet escallonia mahonia, plus berberia berries and chillies.  Halloween ornaments.

METHOD  Slice the top off the pumpkin remove the seeds and hollow out the main part soak and then attach the foam inside the pumpkin with at least 1in - 2in above the container.  If using a bowl put the foam in a plant dish to fit the neck of the container.  To get the basic shape place foliage first for the height and then for the depth then width.  Dark foliage to the back and low towards rear and side.  The three yellow carnations first graduating in height to the side.  The three red-orange carnations graduating down in front but in between the previous ones  The red roses place low over the front of the container and one 'recessed'. (placed low in the centre of the arrangement to take your eye through the flowers) Do not cover all the pumpkin in the front.  Place a large flower or three carnation heads in the top and place to the side  - frontAdd Halloween items as appropriate