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Harrogate Autumn 2015

Photos and details of Harrogate Autumn Flower Show

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Another fantastic display of Pinks and Carnations at the Harrogate show, the venue itself was by far the best we have had at Harrogate in fact all societies complimented the space and light conditions which helped to show off the exhibits. The Daily Mail Gold Cup turned out to be a very hard fought competition which Ivor Mace won by just beating Trevor Hogg as both had two firsts out of the four classes but Ivor also had two seconds compared to Trevor who had two thirds.

The society stand won a Gold Award and was very much admired by the public, the theme of the stand being the Gold Cup which was also on display and this brought many members of the public to admire the stand and cup.

The Gold Cup entries and the Gold winning stand.



The photo competition was won again by Gordon Dowson who has made this competition his own.


The Gold Cup drew many admiring comments and how it is very similar to the Ryder Cup.

Winning vases from the Gold Cup Class



Two excellent exhibits,

left is Ivor’s winning bowl of Linfield Annies Fancy and right is Ivor’s winning vase of nine Bob’s Highlight both were absolutely stunning.




An absolutely excellent show and just some of the many winning exhibits that caught my eye, well done to all!!