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Tatton 2017

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RHS Tatton is a superb show, the standard of exhibits is high class and the entertainment is enjoyed by all. The weather this year was once again very warm making the marquee extremely hot during the build up to the show, not easy before judging when flowers are wilting and being hybridised by insects but its all part of the fun.


There were some extremely good exhibits, which kept the judges busy

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Ivor Mace showed some excellent P/F Blooms, the vase of Ivory Schubert left had a good colour and depth that I have not seen before.













Crompton Classic won the Best Bloom Award




The bowl of mixed Schuberts was very much admired by all.



















Frank Hartnell won most of the Border Carnation Classes, including the vase of 12




Frank also won the Best Bloom Award with a very nice Ann S Moore.











Ian and Liam Ledger showed some very nice Pinks.




Winning Best Stem Award with a nice Anders Pluto.




Best Vase Award with a vase of 3 Anders Dora Bryant below left.

This one was my own personal choice of Best Exhibit in the whole floral marquee, a wonderful exhibit showing some excellent exhibits and a very unique way of showing them off